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Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers You Seek, In One Place

Why does your scheduler have booking times 24 hours a day 7 days a week? 

My schedule is open 24 seven because I service worldwide and offer many psychic services online making this accessible to my clients.

How do spell sessions typically work?

Spells work by the organic energies between you and someone else. I am a Psychic Medium Witch ,which means to you I am able to put my abilities to use without taking over free will.  I provide all my clients recorded proof of each personalized session; everything  is recorded at a birds eye view from start to finish.  Meditation videos are provided to help with your mindset.

What services do you provide?

How soon will I receive my session after it is booked?

There are two choices on how soon you can receive your session. All spell sessions are casted within seven business days. My business days from Monday through Thursday are when I do my Spell work.  Any sessions purchased from Friday or the weekend will carry over to the next week, starting on Monday. 


You always have the option of selecting an urgent service in order to have your session completed within 24 hours.  Your session and casting will be delivered anytime between Monday through Saturday; I do not provide sessions on Sundays.

Why should I book a consultation?

A consultation is time between you and I to discuss what the best service that I offer is for you.  I offer many services and it can feel overwhelming to know exactly what service is best for you and your situation, especially if this is your first time here.   If after our consultation is complete and you decide that you are not interested, I unfortunately cannot refund the consultations as even consultations require my time and energy.

How soon will I see results after my session is complete?

Results vary from person to person and situation to situation. Since each situation is dynamic, the results are addressed during your session of what to look for and what could happen.  Some spells will require multiple sessions before you see results.

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